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  • Rapunzel comes to life on our stage

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  • An ogre lays a curse on a pirate crew, transforming them into crows

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  • In the Land of Morning Calm, a classic story based on a Korean folktale

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  • The casts bring to life stories from around the world

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  • The view from a seat in Aesop’s Playhouse.

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The most colorful place in the East Bay to enjoy children’s community theater is at Aesop’s Playhouse, Fairyland’s exciting main stage. From June through October, our talented cast brings stories from around the world to life—check the calendar for showtimes.

Fairyland has enabled young people to create live theater for over 50 years. In 1956, we introduced Fairyland Personalities. In this theater program, children ages 8 to 10 portray characters from folklore and children’s literature in stage productions, at community events, and during visits to senior centers and schools. Auditions for our Children’s Theatre program are held once a year in January/February. Find out about the audition process.

Aesop’s Playhouse accommodates over 200 people in festival seating and was funded entirely by Oakland’s Measure DD, a $198.25 million bond measure passed by voters in 2002. Oakland-based Ace Architects designed the structure; Scientific Art Studio of Richmond created the fanciful sculptures of Aesop and his characters.

In addition to our own children’s theater, our playhouse has hosted the Bay Area Children’s Theatre, Oakland School for the Arts, the Pacific Boychoir, the Oakland Ballet Company, popular characters from KQED, and a host of young performers from local schools and community arts groups.

2018 Children's Theatre Shows

On weekends from June through October, Aesop’s Playhouse presents three plays in rotation—one each weekend. These original productions are written and directed by our Children’s Theatre director and feature our lively Children’s Theatre troupe. Professional designers and other members of the Bay Area theater community create our costumes, sets, and props, with added help from parents, staff, and volunteers.


Rapunzel Group Stage

Opening weekend: June 16 & 17 at 12:30 & 3 p.m.
Rapunzel just wants to see the world, but between a bad hair day, a silly prince and some intense helicopter parenting, who can get away?  A fresh and irreverent retelling of the classic fairytale. Written by Corinna Rezzelle.


Crows Group Stage

Opening weekend: June 23 & 24 at 12:30 & 3 p.m. 
A mysterious ogre lays a curse on a pirate crew, transforming them into crows. Off they fly to complete exciting quests and win back their their human form in the process!   Adapted from fairytales about crows and ravens from Italy, Korea, Greece, and China and inspired by the many crows that make Fairyland their home. Written by Doyle Ott.


Morning Calm Group Stage

 In the Land of Morning Calm
Opening weekend: June 23 & 24 at 12:30 & 3 p.m.
Is your fortune what you find, or what you do while you're finding it? A boy sets off on a journey only to find a dragon with nasal congestion, a winged horse with an attitude, and a host of other eccentric characters in this classic story based on a Korean folktale.