Theatre for the Very Young

  • Audience reaction to Theatre for the Very Young

  • Our new show, Teddy Bears’ Picnic was a huge hit!

  • Old MacDonald: Beyond the Farm opens in San Francisco on Nov. 10

  • Our first show, Bloom Kaboom, took kids into a make-believe garden.

  • In Splish Splash, we explored the wonders of water.


You’re never too young to love theater!

Theatre for the Very Young introduces children as young as 6 months to live performance through simple, interactive storytelling. Snuggled into a calm, comfortable environment, young children (and their grownups) discover and share the wonder of real-life, real-time theater ... something that can never be reproduced on a screen.

Here's a video clip from our latest show, Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Season tickets that include both of our new shows, Teddy Bears' Picnic and Old MacDonald: Beyond the Farm, are also available for purchase. Find out more.

What to Expect at a Theatre for the Very Young Show

Interaction!Talk to the actors, join in song and dance, and touch or use various objects. Children are encourage to sit on the floor or in their grownups’ laps so they can be ready to stand, move and, engage with the actors as the show unfolds!

Wake Up Your Senses! Colorful props to see and touch. Familiar melodies or new sounds to hear. And possibly even something interesting to smell.

Age-Appropriate Experiences! Simple stories. Engaging characters. Theatre for the Very Young focuses on creating experiences that reflect how very young children (age 6 months to 3 years) take in the world around them – moment by moment!

What’s On Next?

Our next show, Old MacDonald: Beyond the Farm, opens in San Francisco on November 10 and moves to Bay Area Children Theatre’s Berkeley stage beginning January 12, 2018.

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Theatre for the Very Young

Making a Splash at Fairyland

About Theatre for the Very Young

Theatre for the Very Young is a joint venture by Children’s Fairyland and the Bay Area Children's Theatre (BACT). Each of our multi-sensory experiences is designed for the unique developmental needs of the youngest audience members, age 6 months to 3 years (Tickets are required for children 6 months and up.) The shows encourage childhood growth and learning by giving very young children creative opportunities to play, sing, imagine, and act out stories together.

Where to See Theatre for the Very Young

Our repertory rotates among three venues. At Fairyland, our shows take place in a quiet, softly lit, and climate-controlled performance space. You can also see TVY productions in BACT’s performance space in downtown Berkeley and at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco.