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You're never too young to love theater!
Come see "Hickory Dickory Dock,"


Children’s Fairyland’s new Theatre for the Very Young play about time, chimes, and rhymes—for children two to five years old!

Your children will explore a world full of clocks, numbers, and bells evoked by the classic nursery rhyme and led by a pair of magical mice who will invite them to participate through music, dance and story.

What time is it? Time for a show!
What time is it? Time to play!
What time is it? Time to get your tickets!

Your ticket includes morning admission to Children’s Fairyland too! We welcome your family to play in the park anytime before and/or after the show, as time permits.

"Hickory Dickory Dock" concept and creation by Corinna Rezzelle and Doyle Ott.

What to Expect at a Theatre for the Very Young Show

Our Theatre for the Very Young (TVY) program gives the youngest of audiences professional performances! Designed for toddlers and children five years and under to enjoy with their families, this form models story-play for parents and provides a multi-sensory  performance where a child doesn’t have to dress up, be still, or hold back their desire to explore their environment as they take part in a theatrical experience built around age-appropriate concepts and situations. 

Safety: Our shows and spaces are in line with the latest public health guidelines (CDC and County) .  As in all areas of the park, masks will be required by everyone aged two years and older. 

Interaction: TVY encourages all to communicate with the actors, join in song and dance, and participate in the story. Children are encouraged to sit on the floor or in their grownups’ laps so they can be ready to stand, move, and engage with the actors as the show unfolds!

All senses engaged:  LIsten to familiar melodies and new sounds. Feel safe, clean objects and possibly even smell something interesting.

Age-appropriate experiences: Simple stories. Engaging characters. We create experiences that reflect how very you​​ng children explore the world around them – moment by moment.

You should know: Our shows take place in a peaceful, airy performance space set just apart from the usual feast for the senses that is Children’s Fairyland. Ticket price ​​includes admission to Fairyland so families can wander, eat lunch, and play before and/or after the show (depends on showtime).​ Audience size is small​ and the show’s ​content ​is ​designed to fit the wonderful early developmental needs of children aged six months to five years. Hickory Dickory Dock, our Fall 2021 show, is designed specifically for ages two to five years old.  

About Theatre for the Very Young

Theatre for the Very Young is an immersive multi-sensory story experience designed for the youngest audience members and their families. This gentle introduction to theatre  encourages childhood growth and learning through creative opportunities to play, sing, imagine, and act out stories together in a toddler friendly atmosphere.

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