Summer Day Camp

A summer of imagination.


Every day is an adventure!


Each week ends with hilarious plays created by the campers.


Exciting arts and crafts activities are related to the camp themes.


Children get a behind-the-scenes look at Fairyland.

Does your child want to…

  • Build a time machine and go on a dinosaur hunt?
  • Give Juan the alpaca a “carrot kiss”?
  • Have a big wave surfing contest on Jack and Jill Hill?
  • Paint her face like a tiger and march in a circus train parade?
  • Watch a Fairyland puppet show from backstage?
  • Fight scurvy by making lemon-lime grog?
  • Perform a hilarious original play for all of his family and friends?

Then you should consider Children’s Fairyland’s unique summer day camp!


2014 Camp Sessions

Week Themes
June 16-20 The Enchanted Forest  - Sold Out
June 23-27 Join the Circus - Sold Out
July 7-11
Superheroes to the Rescue - Sold Out
July 14-18 Around the World in 5 Days - Sold Out
July 21-25 A Pirate’s Life for Me - Sold Out
July 28-Aug 1
Space Race - Sold Out
August 4-8 Tropical Paradise - Sold Out
August 11-15
Time Travel - Sold Out


Our 2014 Summer Camp season is completely sold out. If you'd like to put your child on a waiting list, please email our Summer Camp Director. Waiting lists are available for every week with the exception of July 21-25. 


Camp FAQs

The Basics

What is your age range?

Children must be age 5 (entering kindergarten) through age 10.


How much does camp cost?

Camp is $300 per week for non-members and $275 per week for members. This cost includes two healthy vegetarian snacks per day, a camp T-shirt, and a Magic Key. We do offer limited financial aid based on need. If you think your family qualifies for financial aid, please email the Education Specialist or call 510-452-2259.


What are your camp hours?

The camp day lasts from 9-5 and we do NOT have a part-day program. We ask that our youngest campers have had experience being separated from their parents. We reserve the right to charge $1 per minute for late pick-up.


Is there before and after care?

Yes, before care is from 8-9 and after care is from 5-6. The cost is $30 for before care and $30 for after care for the entire week. We reserve the right to charge $1 per minute for late pick-up.


Who are your director and teachers?

Our director is Fairyland’s year-round education specialist, Shana Barchas, who is a former elementary school teacher and elementary school guidance counselor. Our teachers are chosen for their significant experience with children, enthusiasm for play and pretend, and vibrant, compassionate personalities. All camp staff has been background checked.


The Big Picture

What is the camp’s philosophy?

Camp should be a place where kids can have the time of their lives while growing socially, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively.


Why does every week have a theme?

We incorporate our themes into almost everything because they have so much play value. The superheroes make capes and wear them every day… The world adventurers learn Nigerian drum beats… The time travelers build extravagant time machines… And the pirates have to prove they’re honest sailors or walk the plank!


What do you do all day at camp?

Our whirlwind of activity can be divided into three categories:

  • Park Exploration – Hit the rides, slides, Jack and Jill Hill, use a magic key, climb the rigging on the pirate ship, and dig in the sand at Play Island.
  • Activities – These workshops involve the horticulture, animal, and puppetry specialists, as well as arts and crafts and unforgettable thematic experiences.
  • Pretend – We make up plays using our original Play Creation Vision, which incorporates pretending, group brainstorming, and practicing for the Friday show.


Do you still do plays?

We sure do! But now the plays are created by the children. We start with the theme and use our imaginations and teamwork to come up with one-of-a-kind performances. Plays take place every Friday at 4:30, and family and friends are encouraged to come!


Who does well at Fairyland camp?

The only things your child needs to thrive at Fairyland Camp are lively imagination and readiness for action-packed eight hour days!


How do you incorporate social and emotional learning into camp?

All camp staff are trained in conflict resolution and are committed to helping children resolve their differences with words. We consciously work to create a caring community of adults and children who treat each other with respect and are ready to make new friends. Taking turns, cooperation, sharing, and being a good sport are continuously reinforced, and we take time at the end of each week for the children to share their appreciations of each other.



How do I register my child?

Our 2014 Summer Camp season is completely sold out. If you'd like to put your child on a waiting list, please email our Summer Camp Director. Waiting lists are available for every week with the exception of July 21-25.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash, and cashier’s checks.


How will I know if my child is registered and what forms do I need to fill out?

We will email you a confirmation letter along with a packet of forms to fill out. The forms are how we get critical information about your child’s needs and emergency contacts, and they must be returned by the Monday that is two weeks before your child’s session starts. Please tell us if you want this sent by mail or fax instead of email.


Can I request that my child be in a group with a friend or sibling?

We group by age. If you want your child to be in the same group with someone else, you must indicate it on the forms that you return. We create the groups in advance of the beginning of camp, so making a request on the first day is not workable.


Thank you for your interest in Children’s Fairyland Summer Day Camp! Please do not hesitate to email the Education Specialist for any reason or call 510-452-2259.


2014 Summer Camp Themes

Week 1: June 16-20

Enchanted Forest: Returning by popular demand, this “classic Fairyland” week welcomes fairies, elves, royalty, and mythical creatures of all sorts!


Week 2: June 23-27

Join the Circus: This is your chance to learn juggling, magic tricks, and be a wild beast! It’s all happening under the big top!


Week 3: July 7-11

Superheroes to the Rescue: Calling local caped crusaders to perfect your powers, battle evil villains, and save the world!


Week 4: July 14-18

Around the World in Five Days: Grab your passport and explore destinations far and wide! Visit a variety of countries and learn about all different cultures.


Week 5: July 21-25

A Pirate’s Life for Me: Cast away to uncover buried treasure. Look out for sharks... Arr, swab the decks or walk the plank!


Week 6: July 28-August 1

Space Race: Travel to the moon, to the sun (ouch!), and to the outer reaches of the universe! Be prepared for alien encounters…


Week 7: August 4-8

Tropical Paradise: The perfect summer vacation! Chill out on the islands, explore the jungle, and journey under the sea.


Week 8: August 11-15

Time Travel: If you’ve ever wanted to see a dinosaur, visit the pyramids, or meet a ninja – or if you’d like to know what lies ahead in the future – climb aboard our magic time machine!