Children's Theatre Program

  • Auditions require a two-minute solo performance.

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  • Children perform every third weekend and some holidays.

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Children's Theatre auditions for our 2020 season take place in January or February. Check back here for more information.

Our Children’s Theatre Program fosters teamwork, leadership, cultural understanding, and confidence—qualities that benefit children throughout their lives. If you have a child between the ages of 8 and 10 who loves to sing, act, and dance, this is an ideal opportunity to receive over 50 hours of performance training with professional artists and educators.

Rehearsals begin in March, and performances run from June through October. Child performers also represent Fairyland as ambassadors in parades and other public appearances, and may be asked to greet visitors, help with rides, paint faces, and assist with arts and crafts at the park.

Find out more about the audition process and time commitment below. Or if your child is ready to audition for one of the longest-running children’s theaters in the Bay Area, register online today.

As many past participants will tell you, the Children’s Theatre Program is often hard work—but incredibly fun and rewarding.

Audition Process

Auditions for the Children’s Theatre Program are held once a year in late January or early February for children ages 8 through 10. Participants must prepare a two-minute performance for a four-judge panel.

We require at least one minute of oral recitation of a memorized poem or monologue. For the remaining minute, the child may sing, dance, play an instrument, or continue the oral presentation. A tape/CD player and MP3 jack is available if you choose to bring music.

The five-judge panel includes our Children’s Theatre Program director, a Fairyland staff member, a former Fairyland Personality, and a parent. They look for stage presence, vocal quality, ability to focus, and desire to commit to the program, among other attributes.

At least one parent or guardian must accompany each child for an initial interview that precedes the two-minute audition. Parents are asked to leave the room during the audition itself.

Auditions are always a little stressful. We try to remove some of the anxiety with a short period of theatre games and improvisation led by our Children’s Theatre director before the individual auditions. Children let off steam by moving around and making noise. As a result, they go into their auditions feeling more relaxed and confident.

You can register your child for an audition online.

Time Commitment

A Fairyland Personality must attend all scheduled rehearsals, performances, and official Fairyland events. Each child in the Children’s Theatre Program must attend all rehearsal weekends in March, April, and May. They will perform every three weekends, including some holidays, from June through October. This amounts to approximately four rehearsal and eight performance weekends.

Parents are also part of the Children’s Theatre Program. As the parent of a Fairyland Personality, you are responsible for:

  • Paying a production fee to cover costs including costumes (which belong to your child) and photo documentation of the show.
  • Bringing your child to all rehearsals, performances, and events
  • Acting as a chaperone at parades or other official events
  • Attending regular Children’s Theatre meetings