Children's Theatre Program

  • Auditions require a two-minute solo performance.

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  • Children perform every third weekend and some holidays.

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2024 Children's Theatre Auditions are CLOSED.
See you next year!

Children’s Fairyland holds auditions for children, ages 8 to 11, who like to imagine, play, and perform.

Auditions for our Children’s Theatre program in 2024 took place on Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25. The audition request form is closed now. 

Here is a peek at what the audition process looks like. 

For the audition, each participant is invited to prepare a three-minute showcase of their talents. Auditions should include:

  1. An introduction: Say your name in a loud, clear voice, and tell us what you'll be presenting for your audition.
  2. A memorized monologue, speech, poem or other text.
  3. A bit of song: We're happy to hear songs with recorded accompaniment (please bring your own device to play the music on), but acapella is fine as well.
  4. If you like, you can also show us a bit of yourself dancing, or playing an instrument, or any other performance skills you would like to share.

Following the audition we will speak with participants and their families in an informal interview format.

No experience is necessary! Selections and casting decisions will be made by our artistic and education staff, based not only on stage presence and vocal quality, but also on things like enthusiasm, ability to focus, and desire to commit to the program.

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Important Deadline: Applications closed on Friday, February 9, 2024, 12:00 p.m. PST.

Scholarships information

Scholarship applications are CLOSED for 2024 Children’s Theater and Summer Day Camp!

Fairyland is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are dedicated to making sure our youth programs are affordable for all families. Our scholarship program is designed to support families in need who have children/young people wanting to participate in our Children’s Theatre and Summer Day Camp. There is a short application process required. Eligible families will receive up to 70% reduced fees for Summer Camp and 100% scholarship for Children’s Theatre. The scholarship application is CLOSED for 2024. 

Time Commitment

A Fairyland Performer must attend all scheduled rehearsals, performances, and official Fairyland events. While we understand that last minute things occur, we rely on our families to communicate those conflicts in advance. 

While we understand that our students are involved in many afterschool programs and activities, we also recommend that you take a serious look at your student’s schedule to make sure this program will fit into your lives. Overstressed, busy children can burn out just like adults! 

Rehearsal calendars will be sent out upon casting. Each child in the Children’s Theatre Program must attend all rehearsal weekends that they are scheduled for in March, April, and May. They will perform every three weekends, not including holidays, from June through September. There is also an optional holiday pageant that students can participate in from late October-December! 

Parent Commitment

Parents are also part of the Children’s Theatre Program. As the parent of a Fairyland performer, you are responsible for:

  • Paying a production fee to cover costs including costumes (which belong to your child) and photo documentation of the show, and the cost of our teaching artists.
  • Bringing your child to all rehearsals, performances, and events;
  • Acting as a chaperone at parades or other official events;
  • Attending regular Children’s Theatre meetings

Code of Conduct of our Actors

If cast in a production with Children’s Fairyland, we expect our students to behave with kindness towards all cast members and employees of the park. Students will be respectful to all guests, employees, and Fairyland property. 

No bullying will be tolerated. If a student is found to have bullied someone, their guardian will be called immediately and they will be asked to leave the cast. No refunds will be given in the event that this occurs. 


Costume Care

If cast in a production, your child will be fitted for and be given a costume that is appropriate for their character. Costumes are created by a professional costume designer and paid for by your participation fee. Once your child’s costume is given to you, it is yours to keep! With that comes some responsibility:

  • Please wash your child’s costume after every performance weekend 
    • Sweat, spills, and dirt happen at Fairyland and we need our performers looking their best for each performance. 
  • Rips and tares happen, too!
    • If you cannot repair your child’s costume at home, please let our Theatre Director know immediately.
  • Sizes change and students grow
    • While we always create costumes that are a size up to account for the growth that students go through over the course of our program, sometimes students go through large growth spurts that might call for adjustments to be made to their costume. Let us know if you think your child is rapidly outgrowing their costume.
  • No costume alterations can be made without director approval
    • Please do not drastically change your child’s costume. They are created specifically for their character. If drastic changes are made, the parent is solely responsible for procuring the child a new approved costume.