Children's Theatre Program

  • Auditions require a two-minute solo performance.

    NW EC CT1
  • Children perform every third weekend and some holidays.

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Do you have a child, aged 8 to 11, who loves to sing, act, and dance?

Fantastic! Fairyland is looking for 30 enthusiastic children to join its year-round Children’s Theatre program.

Fairyland Personalities receive over 50 hours of performing arts training with professional artists and educators, and will portray characters from folklore and children’s literature in stage productions at the park, at community events, parades, and during visits to senior centers and schools.

Cost is just $375 for the year, and scholarships are available. Meetings will begin in April. Meetings will be online until the county gives us the greenlight to host them in the park. Performances run from July through October. 



Audition Process

Children’s Fairyland is holding auditions for children, ages 8 to 11, who like to sing, act and dance.

We normally hold in-person audition interviews, but this year we are asking for one- to three-minute video submissions that showcase each performer’s personality.

A standard cell phone video is fine. There is no need for any special editing, but please include:
  1. An introduction. Start with “Hi, my name is _________" and have your child tell us a little about themselves;
  2. Something spoken, preferably memorized.  Speeches, stories and poems are great, as are traditional monologues;
  3. A bit of singing (“Happy Birthday” or a few lines of a favorite song is fine if they don't usually sing for other people);
  4. Dance moves or other skills they'd like us to consider for the audition.

Selections and casting decisions will be made our artistic director and our staff, based on enthusiasm, stage presence, vocal quality, ability to focus, and desire to commit to the program, among other attributes.

You can register your child for an audition online. Please apply by March 6, 2021.



Time Commitment

A Fairyland Personality must attend all scheduled rehearsals, performances, and official Fairyland events. Each child in the Children’s Theatre Program must attend all rehearsal weekends in March, April, and May. They will perform every three weekends, including some holidays, from June through October. This amounts to approximately four rehearsal and eight performance weekends.

Parents are also part of the Children’s Theatre Program. As the parent of a Fairyland Personality, you are responsible for:

  • Paying a production fee to cover costs including costumes (which belong to your child) and photo documentation of the show;
  • Bringing your child to all rehearsals, performances, and events;
  • Acting as a chaperone at parades or other official events;
  • Attending regular Children’s Theatre meetings